How to Ask Woman Out - Ask a Woman Out With This Awesome Method and Never Get Rejected

If allurement a woman out is a afraid point in your game, you've appear to the appropriate spot.

In this commodity I'm traveling to allotment my absolutely alarming adjustment I consistently use to ask women out.

Be advised, this adjustment for how to ask woman out works absolutely 97.36% of the time with blondes, 96.27% with brunettes, and 100% with red active (I've alone approved once).

Ok, abundant with the jokes, aback to the basics.

The abstraction is to accumulate things actual airy and beneath the alarm with the women.

See, allurement a woman out the old ancient way, (ie. "I'd like to yield you out and pay for your banquet sometime") is bruised in my opinion, because you're adage to her "I absolutely like you", appropriate off the bat.

Not that there's annihilation amiss with adage you like her, but it's usually not a acceptable affair to say appropriate off the bat, because it puts her in absolute ascendancy of the bearings and makes you attending beggared (which is not a atom I like to be in.)

On the added hand, if you use my method, you abide in control.

So, here's what I do.

When I accommodated a woman I'm absorbed in, I'll aggravate her and apprehension on her a little bit, and feel her out. If she laughs, and we're accepting a acceptable time, I'll leave.

I know, awe-inspiring right?

BUT, as I'm leaving, I'll about-face about and say, "Hey (insert name), do you accept email?" If she says yes, I get her to address it down, forth with her buzz number.

This way, you haven't asked her out on a date, or created any awkward vibes. You've kept things light, and there's no pressure.

This way it'll aswell accord her some time to THINK about you, and ahead what you ability do now that you accept her number...

If you didn't already know, apprehension and abstruseness are the KEYS TO ATTRACTION.

Then, afterwards a few days, I'll accord her a call, and say something like, "Hey, it's Ashley. It was abundant to accommodated you the added day. You seemed appealing cool. I'm branch out to grab a coffee appropriate now, accommodated me on the bend of x and y if you're not active and we can adhere out and accept some fun..."

See how simple that was, and how simple it makes it for her to say yes after getting awkward?

Like I said...97.2% of the time! Cool, right?

Give it a shot.